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Что такое розетки twt

TWT / TetherUS

TWTUSDT Crypto Chart


Hello Crypto Lovers, Mars Signals team wishes you high profits. We are in a 4-hour time frame. As you see, the price has started to move up after the break of the resistance line. We expect the price to be able to reach the first resistance, and if it breaks and stabilizes above it, then, will start moving towards the next resistance. But it is also.

TWT is pumping strongly from the 1$ zone and in next days, it could have a big pump to 1.3$, 1.6$ and 2.2$ zones. But if it loses the 1.05$ zone, it will come back to test the 0.9$ zone RED PLAN ♻️Condition : If 1-Day closes ABOVE 1.05$ zone Buy : 1.05 Sell : 1.3 — 1.6 — 2.2 BLUE PLAN ♻️Condition : If 1-Day closes BELOW 1.05$ zone Sell : 1.05 Buy .

Price reached support (0.8900). I’m waiting that TWT can pull back and make new uptrend. We can open long position as soon as price will start growing. Nearest resistance (1.1500) can be our first target.

twtusdt in 4-hour timeframe has Formed a triangle .if it can breaks the triangle upward the targets will be 1.12 , 1.34 and 1,51.


This is good point to try to get long position. We take new local high and make accumulation.

trust wallet token support and resistance zones with 5 in 1 Fibonacci which has been converted to one FIB and fib circle which help us to have a small view about time based analyses.

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i hope this happen because in this pattern we have a deep and we can have a top as tall as this deep. so as we look in chart it can gave us about 70% profit.

#Crypto #TWTUSDT Spot mode buy zone : 0.95-0.99 St : daily close below 0.9

personally i imagine 3 scenarios for TWT that are described below . two green arrows are very optimistic and the red arrow seems very Pessimistic . there isn’t enough enthusiasm in the market in case to break the ascending channel upward and form a new ascending channel above the recent one . in other hand there isn’t any specific volume in the market which may.

I’m waiting that price can break it soon and change trend. We can open long position as soon as this will happen. As a target we can take resistance (1.4000).

I was scouting though possible gems to shoot during this small retracement. I’ve stumbled upon $TWT giving us a giant cup&handle, where handle is also a falling wedge. Almost according to textbook the target is plain and simple. At the moment we are testing the breakout and our first target is 1.65 and then cup&handle target is 2$. Watch the $BTC movement.

#TWT 4H Chart SIGNAL by ♻️ Buy After Breakout Triangle Pattern. Must Use Stop-Loss. Buy Sell At Your Own Risk.

This is another coin from binance — it will looks like BNB soon. Another coin will grow up quickly

TWT breakout confirms after the following cup and handle pattern. Right now facing an upward Resistance of 1.1746 if broken we can easily see our target achieved. DCA is important. Short-term targets 1.32 mid term Targets 1.457 & 1.606

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Our subscribers and readers under the idea: «An alternative scenario for the movement of BTC for 2021» asked to consider the TWTUSDT trading pair And we heard them because they write that TWT is a promising token and the price can grow and grow. Let’s.

10$ achievable? Market Cap forecast ≈ 3 500 000 000$

This is my personal opinion and observation. it is not financial advice.

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